DMD2 New Version is Out!

The new DMD2 version (version code 3.0) is out. It was more than one year of work!

So whats so different about this version?

Almost everything… totally new UI / UX done by our designer Daniel Arsenault.

Many new features like route calculation, POI search, auto POI load, satellite view layer, dark and light modes, accent color selection, its really a never ending list!

Now with more than 170 000 users, new website with forum, new Discord channel and the same old and always lively Facebook group!

This was one hell of an update, almost one year in the making.

The DMD Navigation brand is now one of the few, if not the only brand, with a full range of navigation products.
With our own navigation devices available in two sizes (phone size and tablet size), our own handlebar controller, OBD dongle, many mounting brackets and our own software, all for motorcycles, all with Adventure and Off-Road as the main target. This was our objective for 2023 and we reached it!

DMD2 app can be installed from Google Play Store! Get it here

Built for Adventure and Off-Road

Most of DMD2 is developed thinking of off-road and adventure riding, it reflects our personal desires as riders but also many requests and ideas provided by our huge community!

DMD2 layouts are now optimised for tablets in the landscape position and for phones in the portrait position which was a big request from the commuinity.

Our Favourite New Features:

  • Obviously the new layout
  • Ability to quickly calculate a route using road and off-road profile
  • Turn by turn instructions
  • New Auto-Load POI along GPX tracks
  • The new GPX Manager and GPX options
  • The new OBD2 view
  • The notifications features
  • Offline POI search and online Google Address search
  • Light and Dark themes for the whole UI and maps
  • Many new map settings
  • Quickly toggle satellite view
  • Support for many different handlebar remote controllers

We are just starting

As always we feel like we are just starting, there are so many other things that we are working on, so many new features we will soon introduce! I hope you stay with us for this ride!