New Building Construction

We are growing, we need more space, we need a new building, thats the short version of this post.
Throughout the history of our company we have been in two different buildings, we still own the two buildings but the reality is that none of them is adjusted to our current needs.
In order to accommodate for everything we been doing we decided to buy land and build it from the ground.

The project is being developed by the architect Nuno Melo Sousa, and from the start, the idea was to make it a non-conventional, warehouse-like building. It became an author work with a very unique aesthetic, a signature project.

Nuno Melo Sousa Instagram
Nuno Melo Sousa Website

As for the areas for the project and how we will split it in an initial stage:

  • Total Area Size: 12000 m2
  • Total Building Size: 4000 m2
  • Showroom Thork: 300 m2
  • Warehouse Thork: 500 m2

Which means there will be a lot of left-over space which we can then adjust for the different needs, warehouse, production, support, development, etc.

The construction main material is concrete, the pre-fabricated structure is manufactured by Vigobloco, they have a high know-how in the manufacture of prefabricated concrete structures, they cover the design, manufacture, transport and installation of pre-cast concrete products.

At the moment of this post, the foundations are ready with most of the pillars installed and the wall panels starting to be installed.