DMD2 Beta is now available!

If you follow our app DMD2 development you probably have noticed the Beta is now available.
It is already very stable and feature rich and you should be using it already!

Everything was redesigned so the first thing that you will notice will be the new UI. But there is so much more!
All the code was re-done and there is tons of new features for you to discover.
There is also still much to do and we been releasing many updates, sometimes daily other times weekly depending on the complexity of what we are working on.

Some of our new favourite features:

New dark and light themes and accent color

Completely new Home Screen with new widgets and UI

Completely new OBD2 view with new UI and auto connection code

The new Roadbook view with improved controller options, sessions manager and many other new options

New Apps view options for filtering and sorting which allows you to hide apps

Improved map themes, now with dark modes

Many new map options that allows you to fine tune many map elements

New POI search feature

Redesigned map widgets and Track Progress layouts

Now available for devices without Play Store

One of the new features is the ability to use DMD2 with devices without Google Play Store. This opens a door for devices like the GARMIN Tread (8″ and 10″).
DMD2 will allow you to purchase licenses from our store, right here, and you will not need to worry about app updates since DMD2 will be able to auto-update itself.

You can now buy the Garmin Tread DMD2 Edition with DMD2 pre-installed and activated, with full support for handlebar controller and OBD2 dongle. Check them out here.

What else is new?

At the same time we been working on the new DMD2 website, adding new information pages, we now have an online forum for our users and even a Discord channel.

Here are some links to keep you updated with our project and a well deserved mention for the video produced by Nomad Sweden who was one of the first outsiders to test the new DMD2 version (be sure to subscribe to his channel):