The center of Portugal is amazing!

9th of June 2022

Last Thursday we decided to go for a ride! It was a bit hot with temperatures reaching near 40C but somehow we survived.
We did not make any previous plans, no goals, just loaded three tracks (Top to Bottom, ACT, TET) and decided to make choices as we ride!

We started near Freixo de Espada à Cinta which is a common place where most famous tracks cross path.
From there we went to Poiares and then Barca d´Alva.
Next stops would be Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and Almeida, which at this point we already knew we wanted to go through Serra da Estrela!

Celorico Da Beira

Entering Serra da Estrela through Celorico da Beira was the perfect choice! This was one of the best tracks we ever did!
Everything was perfect, beautiful, fun!

Serra da Estrela

And so we start riding what would be one of the best tracks we ever did!
Up in the mountains the air was less hot, there was a fresh breeze that was a blessing on such an hot day.
The track takes you through hidden, almost magical places with breathtaking scenery.

Góis & Lousa

After the beautiful Serra da Estrela we went through Góis, then Lousã and then Miranda do Corvo.
This was our third day and we ended up our expedition around Figueiró dos Vinhos.
It was around here that we decided to go back as the heat was starting to get unbearable!
Thankfully from time to time you would find some shade and water, perfect resting places like this:

A Full Loop

We will soon resume our adventure to finish the entire loop!

For returning north we already know this track, its the famous TET Portugal but you can either loop north with the TET or the ACT.

We are connecting our track to the TET near Montargil.

(Track done in 09 June – 12 June)
We did at least one detour because of private/closed gate.