One of the questions we get asked the most is “What is Thork Racing”, indeed it can get confusing reading about names like “ThorkRacing”, “AdvHub”, “Drive Mode Dashboard” and understanding how they relate.

Lets Dive In!

For our first blog post we are going to explain the 3 different areas that we work on.
The online shop, the software development team and the hardware development project!


It is intended to be an online shop. Our platform to sell physical products!

In the shop we sell our own original products and we sell brands that we really like.

Our philosophy for the brands we sell is very simple, “would we use this riding gear?”, “would we fit this part in our bike?”, if we answer yes then its something we will sell.

Products We Love

For riding gear we became KLIM resellers, this motorcycle clothing brand has long been our favorite (and the one we were using ourselves) so we decided to choose them. You just can´t go wrong with KLIM, they produce some of the best Adventure / Off-Road & Dual Sports pieces of gear!

For parts we have adopted a new approach. We do not want to sell everything or sell parts for all the motorcycles out there, what we have decided to do is sell products for motorcycle models that we, or someone in our friends group, owns. We select parts that we actually fit on our own bikes. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves why should we sell it to someone else?

Some of our current favourite brands include Kriega, Barkbusters, Denali, Doubletake Mirrors, ET-Racing and Motion Pro, but the list is growing!