New member in the DMD2 family! Daniel Arsenault is the UI / UX designer.

We are extremely excited to be working with Daniel Arsenault for all the DMD2 UI and UX.

Daniel was already using DMD2 before he started working with us. Since our first contact we immediately got along, both sides knew what needed to be done and we clearly had very similar ideas and objectives for our app.

We have already started to redesign our app and we been brainstorming about all the different sections and how to accomplish the perfect user experience.

Here are some of the experiments so far:

We are also moving DMD2 to a new stage,
Stable and final code will be released in the stable production channel and for adventurous users we will have a beta program that you can opt-in in the Play Store.

Stay tuned for more news about the next big update!

About Daniel

“In the Valley or in Canada, I am a well-known designer in the startup world (UI,UX,mobile and brand) I am a preferred designer for many eminent entrepreneurs, startups, Ycombinator and VCs such as SVAngel, RealVenture, etc…

I have created brands and UI/UX for startups and larger companies such as Webex, Klout, Farmville, Betterworks, Ecomom and many more. I am also a stakeholder in various startups. Despite a strong startup focus, I worked with many large enterprises over the years such as Amex, Amazon, Airbnb, Nine west, Holt Renfre, Ssense, Yahoo!, Rakuten, Louis vuitton, LVMH, Cisco, Sungard, Seiko, EA etc… with several awards/accolades.”